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Telescopic Automatic Hose Retriever for Point-of-Use Preconditioned Air (PCA)

The most innovative, safe, simple and fast way to supply Preconditioned Air to a stationed aircraft

  • Capacity to store the full length of the air ducting inside the telescopic duct, protecting the hoses  from external environmental exposure, leading to longer lifetime and reduced maintenance cost
  • Permits the deployment of the exact length of hose needed for each operation, using the least amount of tarmac space possible
  • Designed for ergonomic and effortless handling of the hoses by only one person, making the service faster and safer
  • Adaptable with CONSUS-S1 Auxiliary Hose Trolley to provide preconditioned air to longer distances if necessary
  • Adaptable with CONSUS-D2 Auxiliary Hose Trolley for the delivery of preconditioned air to JUMBO aircrafts with two PCA inlet connectors
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Telescopic Automatic Hose Retriever pca
Telescopic Automatic Hose Retriever pca
Telescopic Automatic Hose Retriever aeolus 50
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