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TEAM's Airport Division provides secure and innovative solutions for the practical day-to-day running of busy airports. TEAM applies its engineering expertise to design state-of-the-art ground support solutions that help ensure fast, efficient and safe turnaround for passenger aircrafts.

As a company dedicated to close partnership and a deep understanding of the specific needs of our clients, TEAM responds to the particular requirements of each runway and of every type of aircraft, from narrow-body 717s to wide body A340s and B777. Currently TEAM is also designing solutions in order to respond to the operational demands of the A380; already in operation from Singapore.

TEAM, analyzes the needs of each ground handling operation with the objective of reaching the highest level of services to aircrafts parked at passenger boarding bridges. In order to reach this level, TEAM offers a new range of ramp equipment designed to improve these services. In addition, TEAM designs, manufactures and supplies a complete package of solutions for aircraft recovery equipment and offers training courses to optimize the proper use of all equipment supplied.

Reach for the skies with TEAM airport solutions.

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