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  As traffic at the world's airports increases, so do the logistical problems of loading and unloading passenger baggage. TEAM applies the knowledge provided by numerous and successful implementations of passenger boarding solutions and airport maintenance services to create a range of port terminal solutions. TEAM focuses on speed, security and operational excellence to increase quality of service for passengers, including special attention for those with special needs PRM (Persons of Reduced Mobility).

TEAM's design and engineering expertise is applied to the baggage handling operations, ensuring:

  • Speed. up to 80% faster than manual loading
  • Cost-effectiveness. an automated baggage loading system can cut manpower cost by up to 75%
  • Service quality... ensure that your passengers always receive the best service
  • Security. incorporating the latest technology to comply with baggage scanning and security handling needs
Contact TEAM for a full appraisal and a no-obligation technical analysis of your baggage handling needs.
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